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Nafplio is a city with unique beauties, which had the good fortune to host some of the most important events in the recent history of Greece. Buildings of special architecture, fortresses and churches enchant the visitor. In the narrow alleys the scents of the flowers are mixed with the salt of the sea. At night, the colors play hide and seek with the statues. Beaches full of light and beauty are waiting for you, just a few hours away from Athens.

The sights
of Nafplio


It was built in the Second Venetian Period. It is accessible from the stone staircase with 999 steps, but also from the stone highway on the east side.


fortress, on the islet of the same name at the entrance of the port.


The citadel of Nafplio


Archaeological Museum
Old warehouse of the Venetian fleet, with finds mainly of the Mycenaean period.

War Museum
It is housed in the First School of Guards

The First Greek High School
Today the City Hall is housed


Catholic Church
It is located on Potamianou and Kapodistriou streets


The Parliament
The first Parliament


Saint Georgios (Diocese)
16th century church


Saint Spiridon
The place of the murder of Ioannis Kapodistrias